“The more we think about all we accomplished, selling our home and buying a new home, in the incredible time we did, all we can think is that we couldn’t have done it without you and your great team. So with all our heart we say Thank You Noelle, Ryan and Paul! For all of your kindness, patience, professionalism and knowledge to get us through the process.”

~Tom & Fatima

“We were not looking forward to the whole confusing process of purchasing a home. Knowing that the process is long, tedious and complicated we were hoping to find a reputable, knowledgeable and patient agent to work with us. Paul was all that and more.

We were impressed with the time Paul took to question exactly what we were looking for. Since we weren’t sure, we were not the easiest clients to work with. He kept a good humor and professional attitude with each contact, figuring out what we wanted before we did.Paul did not desert us after the choice of home was made. He made sure we understood each step and understood exactly what was going on at every given moment. He recommended agencies for us to work with, but did not pressure us to follow his recommendations (of course we did!).

Paul is very personable. He is easy to talk to and learn from. We feel that he is part of the family now. In closing, I would like to say that Paul Lykins and the staff at True Floridian made a complicated and dreaded process bearable, even pleasant at times. We felt confident at every turn that we were in good hands.”

~Juan & Roberta

“Paul helped us tremendously. We worked to get a temporary rental and now are looking for a house! Most realtors are hard to trust and don’t seem to listen to the needs of their clients. But not Paul! He has become a trusted confident.”

~George N. Hutton V

“Finding a new home can be tough, especially when you’re from out of state altogether. We didn’t know even know exactly which county would be right for us. Needless to say we were literally all over the map in our search. But Paul was a trooper throughout the whole process. He listened to our needs, was flexible when they changed, and also held our hands when the first home fell through after a disconcerting appraisal.

It didn’t take too long after that for us to find the gem we had been looking for. We’re happy to say that we are settled into our home and couldn’t be happier. It’s sweet, charming and exactly what we needed….just like Paul!”

~Brent & Peggy

“Paul is a true professional. I had a few setbacks getting into my new place, but that didn’t stop Paul. He persevered and found me a place better than I could have anticipated. I have never encountered a person with as much dedication as him. He was prompt to respond to all of my email, text, and phone inquiries. He was patient and answered all my questions no matter how large, or small. I will personally never use another realtor outside of him, and am highly recommending him to my friends and family that are looking for places to move.”

~James & Jannet

Paul Lykins reviews

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